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Message me bid amount to be added to our list.


We found a crystal and you are contacted immediately (highest bids, first priority)


You make sure to be in Azsuna ASAP and ready to join group and start clicking! 


Gold will be traded PRIOR to group invite! This is to avoid us getting scammed. :)


Enjoy your new mount! Refer friends and get 10% referral amount!

So like, how does it work?

There's a lot that goes into finding these crystals! Hours of farming between multiple accounts/toons (who are parked at multiple locations, then once it's found we proceed with the full search and have them mapped out for you to click! ... it takes lots of time and dedication! 

The clicking process involves the buyer to be ready and prepared at location! (Azsuna in Broken Isles). Gold will have already been traded first from your character and then you will be invited to the server/shard which contains the crystal. The locations will be provided to you upon invite and waypoints will be sent to your map (please install TomTom Addon). Then, we get to clicking! Of course, if the last crystal is clicked by someone else, before you finish, the gold is given back to you. 

That's it! Enjoy your new mount (Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph), which you can share off to your friends! Spread the word to friends and get a 10% referral bonus (of the amount your friend paid) when you do!

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