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About Us



Started in summer 2016, NerdyBoy Candles was born from the idea of a few self-proclaimed "nerds" who wanted to create a different kind of candle experience.  


We want our candles to fit into real life, in real moments. Candles should be fun and interesting not uptight or boring.


Unlike many other candles we use natural wax made from soy, not petroleum. Soy wax burns very clean, offering a soot-free burning. No more black haze on the jars! Soy wax is made from soy beans, a natural replenishable source

All of our candles are made by hand in small batches, making each one custom and unique. 


How long do your candles last?

Generally it all depends on how long you burn it for. Because our wax is much thicker and heavier, it tends to last at least double or triple the length of a regular candle! 


Can I order online?

You sure can! But unfortunately delivery isn't available at this time. The only option is "pick-up" right now. We hope to offer delivery option in the near future!


What type of ingredients do you use?

We use all natural soy ingredients, along with magic, fairy dust, electrical power nodes, mana potions and a hint of H2O. 

What if I want a scent that you don't have?

Tell us!  We're always looking for feedback, and we need to know what you want! 

Can the jar be repurposed?

Definitely! When a small amount of wax remains, discontinue use of candle and place your candle in the freezer. Once the wax hardens, it can be chipped out along with the wick. If there is more than a little bit of wax left, we recommend the "oven method" - place your candle in a warm oven and allow the wax to liquefy. Carefully dump the wax out and wipe clean. Soap and water can then be used to remove the wax residue.


Repurposing jars as small planters for succulents is one of the more popular uses, but we'd love to see what other uses you come up with!

Send them to our email ( and we can post them directly to our website! 

Do you offer any bulk order discounts?

If you have any questions about ordering in bulk (corporate gifts, weddings, etc.), please message us on our website or email us at


Why soy and not regular wax?

There's a number of reasons why we chose to work with soy wax. It's carbon neutral and a renewable resource. We love that it burns cleaner than any other typ of wax and for a longer period of time than paraffin. Most important, we chose soy because it's a natural and non-toxic product that is safe for nature! 


Why does my candle have a white frosty patch on it?

That's a naturally occurring crystallization that sometimes forms on natural waxes. It doesn't affect the candle's scent or ability to burn. 

What's with the "nerd" thing?

We are different and we want to be different. It's not a bad thing! Plus, nerds rock! HMPH!

I bought two of the same candles, and the colors are kinda different. Why?

All of our candles are made by hand in small batches. Slight imperfections are cute, dontcha think?

Do you offer any wholesale options?

We currently do not offer any wholesale options yet but if there is interest in this, please email us directly and we can come up with the best solution for this. 


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