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Lead Statue Finder / Main Contact:

BTAG: Geekygreek7#1439


Server contact:




MAIN: Worldofpunks-Proudmoore

I've been playing since the vanilla days ever since 10 man strat and ZG! I've mained a priest for most of the time originally over on Eldre'thalas but now on Proudmoore. I'm currently maining my Disc/Shadow priest and also my Mistweaver Monk for PVP. My main in game hobby is collecting mounts! I finally hit 356 mounts the other day (WOOT)! Otherwise you'll catch me doing dungeons and arena 5-6 nights a week. My in-game toon (main character) is Worldofpunks (Proudmoore). I've had nothing but good transactions and feedback from everyone! It's been a great experience so far. It's understandable not everyone has the time or patience to farm something like this, but this is why I decided to go ahead and help these people out and in return make a little extra gold for more mounts! Hit me up in game and say hello!

Because of this service, I seem to get a lot of jealous haters out there (Long-forgotten Hippo Discord, looking at you lol) and I have a lot of good support from people to not let it get me down. The praises and feedback from bidders has been overwhelming and incredible! People that have spent so much time looking and want to enjoy the game and not have to go through the trouble; I got you!

Haters won't get me down! :P So see that smug look up on the picture above? That's me right now.


Bid Manager:



Server contact:





I'm a MoP baby, and didn't hit level 90 until well into Siege of Orgrimmar. My first character was a paladin, and after finding melee didn't suit me, I decided I would level a hunter, and I've never looked back.
I spend my time collecting mounts and pets, achievement hunting, a little raiding on the side, and now roleplaying. I joined Worldofpunks during WoD as a bid manager for selling camels, and I've only had great experiences!


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