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It's not that it's a big secret, but if I told you how this is done, what's the point of doing this myself? ;)

***UPDATE***   (2-1-17)

There are new ways to deal with the CRZ issues which we've figured out. So while we aren't able to get as many camels as before, this is still possible! :) 


I will say that to make it any bit possible, it requires that you pay for multiple accounts, farm constantly on them, record the prime times and keep track of spawns and respawns. It's not an easy task, and it definitely took a while to figure out how to optimize the process. The hardest part to me is getting people at location, in a timely fashion, ready to join group and get credit for the kill. People don't usually understand the whole process and they are completely confused by the whole thing, so much so that some end up leaving before they can get their mount (what a waste)!

So in the shortest explanation possible; I click the camel figurine (hope that it's the right one, which I will know once I see myself turn into a tornado vortex), get ported to the specific spot in Feralas (click to see where you should meet up with me), and wait for you to arrive at that location. Once I invite you to group, you won't be able to see me next to you physically (because I will be phased) but you will see me next to you on our minimap! That's when I will kill Dormus the Camel-Hoarder. It will count that you were there for the kill, so once I phase out of this "instance" I'm in (20 minutes after entering), I will be able to trade it to you since you receive credit for the kill. Sometimes I need to jump to a different server (by joining groups in LFG) if I don't see him, and it will require you to jump with me so be sure to accept the queue.


I'm also often able to get multiple people mounts this way in just one find, but the amounts are very limited!

Sometimes I will jump servers and not see him again at all. So just the first kill is actually guaranteed.

Simple as that! It's been done a bunch of times before with no issues and I've always been able to trade the mount as long as we are partied and next to each other during the kill. Yay!



This is definitely the most frustrating part of the whole process. A true and honest person trying to prove yourself to people. Sometimes they just won't have it. Even after all the referrals from people that already got the mount from me. That's when you say "screw it, your loss" and move on to the next lucky person. I've had people go in, go through the whole process and get credit for the kill with me, and when I'm ready to trade them the mount, they back out calling me a scam artist and accused me of trying to take gold from them and bounce.... AFTER SEEING PEOPLE GET THE ACHIEVEMENT RIGHT NEXT TO THEM!!!! It's gotta be the most frustrating thing ever! (*huge face palm*).


What makes the process a little "iffy" (on your side I guess) is that I require a trade of gold first, before you get the mount. This way I'm not scammed and you don't bounce with the mount after I've traded it to you. It's happened before and I'm not letting it happen again... Just to make things feel a bit more secure, we give you the option to see the mount IN a trade box, to ensure that it CAN actually be traded. After you see this, you should feel safe enough to trade the gold first. :)


I would like to trade the mount and gold at the same time but the toons I used to farm the figurines are on my second account and on different servers. See supported realms below!


Another reason I'd hope you would trust me is that I've been playing this game since vanilla, on the same account and would never risk anything this serious on my account. My main is Worldofpunks (located on Proudmoore). I'm a 13/13 mythic healer in a top guild on this server and have multiple well reputable people (guild masters from the top two guilds on the server) to vouch for me. So if that doesn't convince you I don't think anything will...

Now supporting all realms and factions!



If horde toons are looking to get camel, they can still pay gold on horde, but must have an ALLIANCE toon that can park in Feralas and collect credit for mount. This can easily be done with a free level 100 trial toon. So be sure to have one parked out there ready to get credit for the kill!
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I only ask that you bid a number you are comfortable with, what is the camel worth to you? How many years have you been trying to farm it? It wasn't until this year (since the release of the mount) that I was able to obtain this... It has a pretty high value so if you are bidding low, you're most likely never going to see it unless you try for it yourself.

This is set up as a private bid so people don't over bid each other by a small amount. It becomes a huge pain in the butt if I were to set it to a specific cost to this, so I've found it easier to just set this up as a silent bid.


Keep in mind, we've recently had bidders there and ready for their mount, but because their bid was too low (compared to the other bidders), they weren't able to get it that round. So be sure to bid your highest comfortable number. 



It's quite simple actually. There are A LOT of people paying good money for this mount, and it's already rare enough to find a correct figurine, but I've had some sort of crazy luck which has allowed me to help a lot of people out.

If you refer someone to me, and I add them on my buddy list and they come get the mount from me, you get 10% of the total gold spent on it! So for example of someone spends 300k gold on this, that's 30k gold on your pocket, by just referring someone! I put your name in the battlenet notes of your referrals so I know who sent them to me. Its an awesome way to make quick gold, by just sending people my way. It's been working out great and my close friends that refer people couldn't be any happier :) :) :)


(By the way thank you guys! You know who you are!) <3



Well I would be lying if I said you were the first person to say this....


This is not against blizzard terms and services. Same way people sell challenge mode runs, raid carries, etc.

I tell people that if they are too iffy about it at first, they can come into raid the next time I find a REAL figurine and watch everyone get their mounts and titles right there. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will! 


It's just another way to work hard in game and make some gold in the process. It would be WAY different if I were doing this for real cash. But it's only gold. I'm trying to prepare for legion! And who knows if this will be working in the future so might as well help everyone I can now!


Check out legitimate reviews from people on an official Warcraft forum post:

Review the messages and emails below from Blizzard when asking about camel sales:

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