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69, 73

Where do we meet up?


The "Trade Point" location in which I'm ported to (and phased) is right at the bottom of Feralas (69,73 Waypoint) The boss will spawn here and the boss and I will be phased in a diffrent zone. As long as you are standing on me (even if we are not in the same phase), you will get credit for kill/mount. It is EXTREMELY important you get there as soon as possibly possible since the debuff starts to wear out once the camel figurine is clicked (20 minutes). Trust me we've had people miss the mount by seconds (under 10 seconds one time). The only person that will be able to see and kill the boss would be me. 


69.63, 73.55 (boss spawn point)


There's two spots that will take you where you need to be. 


If you are Horde; One spot is in Orgrimmar at the Uldum Portal (assuming you unlocked it via questline). 


Or, if you are Alliance, another spot would be to take the portal in Stormwind for Uldum (assuming you've done all the quests to unlock this port) and then fly north to the bottom of Feralas.

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