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Come enjoy an opportunity for Orthodox Christian unity, community, prayer, and play! 


At Saint Xenia Camp, campers and volunteers can experience the peace of seclusion and prayer in nature with the excitement of the many activities offered at the camp. A wide array of facilities and activities create the perfect balance between recreation and reflection. Saint Xenia Camp offers an incredible opportunity to connect with other Orthodox Christians while serving an important mission of the church - to generate and strengthen the faith of the Orthodox Christian Youth.

“I cannot think of a better way to show your children how much service to God and St Xenia means than to come support the camp for a week.”


Kitchen Volunteer

“I wish camp was all summer. I wish I lived at camp!”


Group 1 Camper

“This week is so special and so precious to us because the seeds of faith are planted in our people.

Every year during this week, some miracles happen.

Saint Xenia changes people.”


Metropolitan Demetrius

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