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Help us make Camp Happen!

If you cannot offer alms in the form of volunteer service, you can still help keep the cost of camp affordable for all with your generous monetary donations! With roughly $35,000 in expenses out last camp year, we hope you will consider financially supporting the mission of the camp in one of the following ways: ​

  • Sponsor a camper- help a parish or family give their youth a unique Orthodox experience by supporting  our Camper Scholarship Fund.

  • Set the table- help our kitchen fuel the camp with fasting feasts for all ages.  With nearly 200 in camp last year, that’s a lot of mouths to feed!

  • Keep us moving- help us save the backs of our volunteers by leaving the heavy-lifting to the camp pick-up truck.  We’re looking for help with a rental, loaner, or purchase/donation of an “oldie-but-goodie”.

  • Volunteer transit-  with many of our volunteers flying into regional airports, we’re looking for help with rental of a passenger van (also driven by volunteers) from Boston to Maine.

  • Stock the studio- help our arts and crafts staff inspire the creative gifts of our campers.  We bring it all in with us, but send it all home with them!

  • Energize through exercise- help our activities coordinators motivate a spirit of teamwork and adventure,  from bussing to excursions in Maine  to equipment for our Activities on the Green.

  • Sponsor a counselor- while all of our counselors choose to volunteer their time, many are college students in need of assistance with transportation costs. Help them serve our youth by supporting our $100 Stipend Program or contributing to the Counselor Transportation Scholarship Fund.

How to Donate!

Given some recent changes to PayPal, we are temporarily only able to accept donations by check. We apologize for the inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your effort and support! 


Please address and mail checks to our Camp Treasurer at:

Saint Xenia Camp

26 Horseshoe Circle

Ware, MA 01082

By your prayers
Saint Xenia,
intercede for us!

Specify the purpose of your donation, or if you prefer you can leave it to the organizers to find the right place to allocate funds. Please contact our camp directors at for assistance in giving non-financial alms to St. Xenia Camp.

Thank you for your support!

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