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Hey All!


Worldofpunks here! You might remember me from our extremely successful Grey Riding Camel (Uldum) mount service ( - over 350 CAMEL SALES SO FAR! WOOT! Which we will also be continuing again soon after Legion’s launch!) or in the past have grouped up with me on Proudmoore (or Eldre’Thalas back in the old days)! :) I’m currently offering a new service this time around where you can safely and securely transfer gold from one of my supported servers to another. 

With Legion out and people needing to move gold around, as well as new vendor pets, toys and mounts and the new BMAH in Dalaran Sewers, there is a lot of demand for gold exchange and people just aren’t willing to want to go through the hassle of the server transfer cooldowns as well as cash cost of transferring a toon. This is where I come in. 


Right now I of course can only support specific servers (the servers I have gold on). Transfer % fee’s vary depending on server population and gold amount. I’m willing to try and work with your gold budgets as well. There are specific servers I am offering 1:1 trades too (no fee), (just PM me about this if you have any questions). I am offering to middle man gold transfers between you and another player as well (message me for more info on this). 


Some rules to read before doing the trade/exchange:

  • When transferring gold, I am always (I REPEAT, ALWAYS) taking gold from you first. I’m the person that has built reputation, there are no exceptions to this rule. 

  • When middle manning exchanges between two people, we will all be in party chat and the entire transaction will be discussed there, in game. 

  • Your Guild Bank and Character can now hold up to 9,999,999 gold at a time, so keep that in mind when transferring high amounts of gold. 

  • Speak english please, I need to be able to understand the transaction 100% clearly.

  • NO refunds on transfer fees. Any re-exchanges that are coming back between the same people can be done at no fee cost.

  • Yes, I can transfer between Oceanic, Latin America and US servers. 


**I will always type out formal in-game agreements in party chat which go into detail of the exact exchange process so we securely have this on file. 

***You can check live BMAH prices on


Feel free to add me on Bnet (GeekyGreek7#1439) if you have any questions or fill out the contact form on this page. 

Let me know how much gold you would want to transfer, from and to what server, and I can let you know if I’m able to support your server and how much I’m able to transfer. 



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