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*UPDATE*: We are back in action since Legion hit! You can send your gold offers to me in game or through the website if you're still looking for this mount! 

So, I’ve been selling (for gold) the Grey Riding Camel mount along with the Feat of Strength achievements and “The Camel Hoarder” title for quite sometime now and wanted to post on WoW forums (Proudmoore) to offer this service to others as well. 
We've sold over 300+ mounts now and still counting!

We support most all Alliance and Horde servers now! But in order to receive credit for the kill (and to be able to collect the mount), you MUST have an alliance US Server character. This character will be at The Steam Pools at the bottom of Feralas there and ready to get invited by our camel farmer toon and get credit for the boss kill. (For quick directions, take the Uldum Portal from Stormwind and fly up until you hit Feralas). For more on this, including how it all works, check out our website ( for videos, screenshots and FAQs! 

Check out our reviews and comments on this current thread as well! (If skeptical, you can check out their camel hoarder achievements and match them up with the day the review was left). 

How much does it cost you ask? Well that part is up to you. I have this set up as a private offer/bidding system. You make your highest possible bid (whisper me in game) and you are added to my excel sheet of people waiting to get the mount. Of course, the higher your bid is, the more likely you are to get it. The bids I have range significantly. If your bids are too low, it’s likely you won’t ever see the mount (unless you farm it on your own of course) and unless NOBODY from the higher bids is online during the find. But this almost never happens. 

The reason I made this a private offer system is, for one, I don’t want to break people’s banks. Second, I don’t want people overbidding people by a gold. As you can imagine this was getting ugly…

We also offer a refer-a-friend system which allows people who know a lot of other people to make some side gold. You will get
10% referral bonus (10% of the buyers bid) for each person you refer! As you can imagine, we have some people making pretty awesome gold on the side. 

So if you are interested, you can message me in game (add my btag,
GeekyGreek7#1439). Provide me with your btag, your faction, the server you are paying gold from, and your offer amount. 


DO NOT GIVE GOLD TO PEOPLE FROM TRADE CHAT UNLESS YOU ADD MY BTAG FIRST AND I APPROVE! There have been scammers in trade chat on multiple different servers identifying themselves as part of the camel team. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. If you have any doubts about this please message me on Bnet first! Thank you. 
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